Why Interspire email marketing is a big crap! “interspire email marketer review”

This my review of ” Interspire email marketing ”
after several software testing , I found that the system of you is worthless …

Interspire email marketer review

I will list a number of problems encountered …

The system can not import all emails from a csv or txt file.
This is a serious mistake , because if I own a list of leads that I want to import my mail system and this system can only import 1 email list , how can I trust such a system ?

Another problem :
The system you are currently using the port ” 25 ” this door has been blocked in several countries because of the extensive practice of spam including here in Brazil this port is currently locked against by both readers like Gmail , Hotmail , Yahoo Mail , UOL , BOL , and other readers who work with SSL ports recognize my email campaigns as a great sound and SPAM !

Another problem
This system has only the English language , you forget that we live in a globalized world , how can I use a system for my clients who only has the English language ?

Where a suite of languages ​​for each country? Where is Portuguese ? Spanish , Italian , French , etc , etc , etc ?

This is how you want to make money ? Making a system such shit ? I would not spend a penny with a bad and flawed system that Interspire email marketing system is so flawed that people are downloading this crap for free on various websites for auditions and are seeing a big crap that the system , then soon they give up looking to use an autoresponder quality , well, here is my review when you take shame in the face and build a system to pay , then I can think about buying something from you …

Regards ,
Rodrigo Port
Webmarketer from Brazil

This is my “interspire email marketer review”


I forgot to mention the support:
There is no support in Interspire email marketing …

I just sent this review to support them and the message I get:

“Your email could not be sent”

I will not spend 400USD to buy such crap!


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